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The Real Conservative Has Stood Up, His Name is Duncan Hunter

Columnist Jonah Goldberg must have not done much research for his op/ed that appeared April 4 in the USA Today, Will the Real Conservative Please Stand Up. Goldberg is looking for a real conservative candidate in the Republican Presidential Primary, but the reason he can’t find one is very clear. He’s only looking at John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, and Mitt Romney.

Maybe he, and other conservative/Republican pundits like Sean Hannity, should give more serious consideration to candidates outside the “Big 3”, more specifically,
Duncan Hunter. From his stances/record on the War on Terror and illegal immigration to abortion and preserving our American industries and trade advantages, Congressman Hunter is the no-nonsense leader that conservatives, and more importantly, our nation needs.

When I think of the way many of our “conservative” pundits and leaders are kicking a candidate like Hunter to the curb in favor of Rudy Giuliani, I get infuriated with the realization that our elections are nothing more than a popularity contest.

Primaries are supposed to be the time where people get behind and support the candidate that best suits their ideals. Last month, two of Louisiana’s conservative delegates came out and endorsed Rudy Giuliani, Senator David “gay marriage is the most important issue facing us today” Vitter and Representative Charles Boustany.

But if you were to compare the ideologies of Vitter and Boustany with that of both Giuliani and Hunter, you would find that Duncan Hunter is much more in line with the belief of the two Louisiana congressmen.

One brief look at Congressman Duncan Hunter’s credentials and views is all it takes to realize he is the conservative of the 2008 Election.

Member of the 75th Army Rangers
Served as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee
Voted AGAINST CAFTA (just like Boustany, one of few Republicans to vote NO)
Overall A+ Grade by the Americans for Better Immigration
Voted AGINST giving illegals free educational benefits, welfare, and free healthcare benefits
Voted FOR banning partial birth abortions
Voted FOR deterring foreign arms transfers to China
Voted FOR restricting funding to the United Nations
Overall A+ Grade by the NRA
Voted FOR ending offshore tax havens
Co-sponsor of the Fair Tax Act of 2007 (HR 25)

Congressman Hunter is for protecting our borders and protecting American jobs and small businesses. Many Republicans call Hunter a protectionist or “dinosaur” when it comes to foreign trade. But Congressman Hunter understands that a huge trade deficit is NOT beneficial to the United States. Rather, such a deficit can likely be linked to our current national debt. The free trade crowd argues that the U.S. should take advantage of being able to import goods at a cheaper cost than producing them here.

Oh really? What happens when the production of goods is completely phased out here? Is it really smart turning our economy into one that relies solely on service and no longer manufactures goods?

Duncan Hunter realizes that our trade deficit with China is doing little but helping a suppressive, communistic nation, as the Chinese are using American dollars not to help its citizens, but to build up their military.

What has the Bush Administration done about the flood of illegal aliens? Nothing. They are bought-and-paid-for by businesses who want to continue the pool of illegal, cheap labor. What will Rudy Giuliani do? As mayor, he worked to give illegal aliens more access to free government services. What will McCain do? He is currently working with Ted Kennedy to pass an amnesty bill for 12 million illegals. What will Romney do? With campaign raising figures just released, he appears to be receiving contributions from big business, pro-illegal alien labor backers, much like President Bush.

Congressman Hunter has promised to build a barrier across the whole southern border and supports eliminating incentives for illegals by pulling out the welcome mat of free government programs and punishing those employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens.

Then there’s the issue of the War on Terror. As a former Army Ranger, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, and a son who has served two tours in Iraq, Duncan Hunter has both personal and governmental military experience and the personal connection and understanding of having one of his very own children sent to fight in the current war.

The answer for a real conservative president is right under our noses. Right-wing pundits and politicians only have to be true to their convictions and ideology and not get caught up in the popularity contest.

Duncan Hunter for President 2008

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Conservative Cajun Political Action Committee


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This is an excellent portrayal of a genuine conservative. Thanks for posting this excellent commentary on Mr. Hunter. As a conservative in the spirit and tradition of Barry Goldwater, it befuddles me as to how and why the GOP top tier candidates could possibly be Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romeny and John McCain in a party that espouses conservatism. There is no greater indictment that the GOP has shifted left and that, there is something intrinsically wrong in the party, than to note that Duncan Hunter, a genuine conservative, has been relegated to bench sitting.


September 14, 2007 at 12:41 PM  

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