Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Memorial Day Message from Duncan Hunter

On this Memorial Day, let us remember the Americans who died on the battlefields of the world for us.

You know the Bible tells us “greater love hath no man than he who lays down his life for another.” In the last century alone 619,000 American service members laid down their lives for us. They fought in Bellawood, Guadalcanal, the Chosin Reservoir and Kason Vietnam. Today they fight in places called Fallujah and Baghdad and Kabul.

They are America’s greatest generation. We owe them our heartfelt support and the gratitude of a free nation.

In 1945, a young Marine returned from the South Pacific and he wrote these words to his wife, “I think just to be with your wife and family; to take care of your family every day is your greatest privilege a person can enjoy.”

Sixty-one years later, another Marine returning from a place called Fallujah wrote these words. He said, “At some point in a dangerous environment, you forget about your own safety and you try to take care of your men and you place your own life in the hands of God. But your family, your wife and kids, never leave your mind.”

Families lift our country up. They provide us with fidelity, morality, faith in God and raising the next generation of Americans.

God still loves this nation. We are still a people of character, of faith and courage.
On this Memorial Day, let us thank others who gave us our freedom.

U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter


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