Saturday, May 5, 2007

More on the Debate - Duncan Hunter

Hunter: (Grade A) ; A great performance from the California Congressman. He is the member of Congress who has the greatest chance of winning the election. Hunter has a friendly demeanor and carries himself with a curious appeal. With direct answers and informed responses, he impressed on my mind Presidential demeanor. Although candidates were given a short amount of time, I am anxious to hear what else Congressman Duncan Hunter has up his sleeve. He is sure to be an exciting figure to watch in the months to come. - David Ferguson - President of the American Conservative Student Union.

I agree with David. For many the debate was the first time people got to see Duncan Hunter. Rolling Stone magazine noticed him also:
Duncan Hunter: Came off as a credible candidate. He stole all of Tancredo’s thunder on immigration and his unabashed support of the military industrial complex reminded me more of the Reagan I remember than anyone else’s policy positions. He had the presidentiality that Romney’s supposed to project, and a conversationality about his platform that both McCain and Giuliani lacked. Could get some movement.(LINK)

The momentum is growing !


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