Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Still Trying to Sell Us Out

The American people stood up and achieved a great victory two weeks ago when the Kennedy/Bush/LaRaza/Big Business immigration “reform” bill was stalled in the Senate. However, as sure as the sun rises ever day, our politicians seem hell-bent on selling our country up the river to cheap, illegal labor and Democratic-leaning immigrant votes.

Columnist William Rusher nails the problem on the head that is facing conservative Republicans who want real immigration reform, not necessarily deportation of 12 million people, but real, true reform and border enforcement.

He echoes exactly what I have been saying for over a year about this issue. The Republican powers pushing this all amnesty bill are doing so to please their big business supporters, meanwhile, joining teams with Democrats motivated by automatically legalizing 12 million immigrants and rapidly bringing in their 30 million family members to create a large, Democrat voting block.

Meanwhile, the conservative stalling of the Kennedy/Bush/LaRaza immigration bill is being aided by far-Left interests who want ZERO borders, thereby causing a problem for conservatives alone to depend on their congressmen to do the right thing and make sure an immigration bill tough on illegal immigration is passed.

The recent Senate bill that failed was a piece of junk right off the bat. Last year, President Bush SIGNED INTO LAW a bill, authored by Congressman Duncan Hunter, that mandated that the double fence currently bordering southern San Diego County be extended across the whole 845 mile southern border. According to Hunter, the project has supposedly been funded, but only 11 miles has been built. The recently defeated Senate bill had mandated that only 350 miles of the border fence be built.

Now, apparently this new immigration “reform” bill will mandate the full 845 miles, but
as Congressman Hunter recently stated, “The idea that we will have border security only if it is paid for by illegal immigrants is unacceptable.” Hunter is dead-on in expressing outrage that the building of the fence, which is already law, has been tied to passing the Kennedy/Bush/ACLU immigration reform bill.

Republican whip leader, Trent Lott,
decided to butt in by blaming talk-radio for the unpopularity of the LaRaza/Big Business immigration bill.

Well Mr. Lott, if you and your buddies would bring forth an immigration bill that mandates the fence be constructed within the next year, levies extremely harsh penalties on employers who hire illegals, increases the “fines” illegals have to pay to gain their amnesty, throw out ALL illegals convicted of a criminal offense, and do something about the provisions allowing tens of millions of family members of illegals to jump in line ahead of other immigrants, then maybe the majority of the country would look favorably upon such a proposal.

Meanwhile, there needs to be a separate bill dealing with the 14th Amendment to rid the Constitution of the current Anchor Baby loophole.

But the Big Business paid GOP and vote-seeking Democrats know that in this current culture of American Idol, where more Americans seem to care about Paris Hilton’s jail sentence than the war in Iraq, the attention span of the American public to stay fired up on a political issue is weak. We stood up on our hind legs the last four weeks and told our legislators NO. Will we keep that same drive, or allow the politicians to screw our country again?

George Bush, Ted Kennedy, et al, this man is talking to YOU:

“Now I’ve been trying to figure this out, but there’s something that I just don’t know.
How can you make things better when you take our jobs and send them down to Mexico?
And then there was this big shot, from the Land of the Rising Sun,
He said the working people in America were lazy and dumb.
Well let me tell you something, Jack!!
The next time I go to Shopping Tree and take something off of the rack,
If it don’t say made in the U.S.A., I’m just gonna put it back.
We can’t leave it to the politicians, cause they don’t do nothing but talk,
And it’s We the People who are gonna have to walk the walk.” – Charlie Daniels

Duncan Hunter for President 2008

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