Thursday, September 6, 2007

Many Talk; But Duncan Hunter Does

In the lead story for Tuesday’s USA Today, several U.S. Legislators were highlighted for taking action in making sure much needed armor and protection was provided to U.S. troops in Iraq. The bureaucratic-filled Pentagon was moving too slow, so some Representatives and Senators took matters into their own hands. These Congressmen/Congresswoman include Rep. Gene Taylor (D-MS), Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE), and Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI).

Read how these legislators really showed they support the troops and their safety:

How Congress Prodded the Pentagon to Protect the Troops

Also, along with yesterday’s feature, Robert Simmons, one of the staffers for then-Armed Services Committee Chairman, Duncan Hunter, was recognized for working with steel contractors and unions to speed up the manufacturing of much needed Humvee steel.

House Staffer Sped Up Humvee Steel

All of the legislators highlighted in yesterday’s articles, and their staffs, should be commended for taking action to help protect our U.S. soldiers. Every politician and legislator talks about supporting the troops, but Taylor, Hunter, Landrieu, Graham, Biden, and Levin PROVED that they do by their actions.

Chalk this up as more proof that Congressman and GOP Presidential hopeful, Duncan Hunter, is more than just political BS talk.

Presidential candidates talk about securing the border and solving the illegal immigration problem. Duncan Hunter led the effort to build the double border fence along the San Diego County border, cutting down drug smuggling in the county by 90 percent. Duncan Hunter authored the bill to build over 700 miles of that same fence along the southern border, which was signed into LAW by President Bush.

Presidential candidates talk about protecting the American consumer and making sure the U.S. benefits from trade. Duncan Hunter has been on the forefront warning Congress about the dangers of current “free” trade policies with China. Many wrote him off as nothing but a caveman in regards to international trade, but in the last few months, we have seen from China poisoned dog food, seafood containing hazardous chemicals, and now children’s toys containing unhealthy levels of lead paint.

Presidential candidates talk about being able to fight the War on Terror. Duncan Hunter is a former Army Ranger, respected by many military and ex-military personnel, and has served as chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

Presidential candidates talk understanding the current hardships of families whose children, spouses, siblings, and parents are currently in harm’s way in Iraq and Afghanistan. Duncan Hunter’s son, Duncan D. Hunter, who is running for his dad’s seat, is a Marine who has served two tours in Iraq and is currently in Afghanistan.

Presidential candidates talk about supporting the troops. As recognized in the above two articles, Duncan Hunter has cut through the bureaucracy of the Pentagon to ensure that the vehicles carrying our brave soldiers has the proper armor to help protect them from IEDs.

Someone please tell me again why Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and/or John Edwards are more qualified to serve as our Commander-in-Chief.

Duncan Hunter for President 2008